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Conac Tescani
The Cantacuzino-Enescu House in Tescani

The purpose of the Summer School is to provide informations, materials and new methods of teaching, together with an interdisciplinary framework, for young academics teaching various subjects under the heading of history and philosophy of science, the origins of modernity, modern philosophy of the Scientific revolution. The Summer School focuses on some important problems of the seventeenth century natural philosophy which framed the modern world and the modern (still our way) way of thinking. The starting idea of this Summer School is that most of the topics you can find here need an interdisciplinary framework to be wholly understood. We will discuss the nature of individuals and the problems like the laws of nature, freedom, as well as the emergence of various types of societies (scientifical, philosophical and "secret"societies).

The main topics of the summer school delimitate a field of research which can be characterised as being a summary of contemporary ways of understanding the origins of modernity. Another important feature of the Summer School is that is esepcially designed to provide model courses, syllaby and materials together with new methods of teaching based on interdisciplinarity and problem-oriented courses and seminars. We are, in fact, organissing model courses for young academics interested in developing actual courses or which want to propose new subjects in the university curriculum.

Therefore, the Summer School has as its main goals to provide support for young academics scholars from Romania and Eastern Europe to remedy some of this deficiencies and to establish a network which will allow them further development.

Goals of the Summer School

1. The courses will provide new approaches of several topics usually related with history of philosophy or science stressing the contemporary relevance of ideas as individuals, scientific communities, intellectual networks, liberty etc.
2. All courses will be problem-oriented and will focus on ideas and their connections rather than on authors and works;
3. We will focus on the actual relevance of the modern concept of individual in various areas as political or moral philosophy, and philosophy of science, as well as on the ways in which this concept is related with the constitution of the modern scientific discourse;
4. Introducing new interactive methods of teaching both for lectures and for seminars and group work;
5. Promoting one to one tutorials encouraging the personal communication between the teacher its own student;
6. Introducing specific interdisciplinary group works in which specialists of different areas are organizing debates and panel discussions;
7. Using new bibliographical resources both written and electronic.

Participants (young faculty)

25 participants, at least 30% drawn from three or more countries on Central and Eastern Europe, young academics, involved in teaching activities on academic fields related to the disciplines represented in the summer school.


Higher Education Support Program, Open Society Institute, New Europe College